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Contractor's Garage is ideal for the small business owner or hobbyists who needs an affordable and flexible alternative to their home garage, restrictive mini-storage, or traditional industrial space that is often too large and expensive.

We currently have six locations with our 6th location that just opened located south of the Liberty 152 highway exit and north of the Pleasant Valley exit, visible west of I-35 and north of the Flintlock overpass. All units are insulated with electricity and have large drive-in doors and huge parking lots for easy trailer maneuvering. Garage 5 also features a storefront with front-entry parking, a restroom in each unit, nice spiral ducted HVAC, and polished concrete floors more traditional of office/industrial incubator space. Unlike mini storage, our units are built with the business owner in mind!

Developed, owned-in-part, and leased by:
Kevin Combs, CCIM - Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Broker and Developer.
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